October 28, 2011

Happy birthday Phyllis!

It was Phyllis’ birthday today and she wasn’t on leave so a few of us brought her out to House @ Dempsey for lunch. Got to sit in a Saab cabriolet to and fro, Swana eat your heart out!

I had my usual risotto and we shared a ginger butter chicken pizza. It being a rainy Friday, we lingered over lunch and though it was supposed to be a shared treat to Phyllis, one of her bosses Wai Leng paid for lunch in the end because our companions Aaron and Phil also had recent birthdays. So I volunteered to pay for Phyllis’ cake instead.

There was a little celebration in the office when we got back, so that her big boss Boon Huat could join in plus the rest of the management team. They gave her a Coach handbag as a present, how nice!

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