October 18, 2011

Munchkin playdate

I worked from home today and Joanne came over with Ray so the kids could play.

Sasha is practically the same height as Ray though they are about 6 months apart, everyone keeps telling me she is tall. She's just a greedy pumpkin, will go to anyone for food!

Nat went back to school after a long hiatus, Nick wanted to let her body rest completely after being sick so frequent but I won't be surprised if she brings a new bug home in a few days.

While Nat was at school, Ray and Sasha interacted, the pumpkin was glad to have a new playmate. Soon enough Nat was home and the 3 of them ran riot around the house, it was like being hit by a tornado...toys everywhere.

I made us a Shepherd's Pie for lunch, and Joanne and Ray ended up staying for dinner too. Now that Joanne is back, there will be more such playdates!

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