October 29, 2011

Of Angry Birds and Prawn Mee

Went to Sunny Spring this evening, it has been ages! The Sees are planning a trip to Seoul and Jeju next month and I've been helping a little here and there with hotels and maps.

My lovely uncle and aunt helped to satisfy a craving for the Whitley prawn noodles from Old Airport Road, plus a bunch of other yummy food...one day must go there and feast!

Uncle Thomas, Aunty Sharon and Aunty Joyce were also around. Sasha took a while to warm up, she had to be bribed with the Angry Birds game on Uncle Thomas's laptop before she would go near him. Likewise with Nya-nya, out came the i-Phone and all the distractions available on it.

The prawn mee wasn't as good as I remember it though...I need to have the MacPherson one soon for comparison! But I have lined up another prawn mee as the W date, can't wait!

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