October 21, 2011

Q is for...

...Quality Hotel.

We are sooo behind schedule on our alphabet dates, something always seems to crop up like Nick's travels or the kids being sick. Didn't have time to do Q before the Retrolicious concert hence the jumbled up sequence!

Met Nick after work and we drove to Balestier on the pretext of having dinner and scouting for new lights for the house.

We had eaten at Quality Hotel long ago when their laksa was just $3.80 if I recall, back when we were living in AMK. It was time to revisit the laksa, only I had one, he opted for congee after suffering a bout of food poisoning the day before.

The laksa was now $6.80, double that if you eat in the restaurant but we opted for the al fresco bar area. It was a disappointment, the noodles were overcooked and 'kembang', the gravy average and on the oily side. I remembered more toppings last time like tau kee and quails eggs, these were missing. Oh well.

After dinner, we went in search of lights, popping in and out of shops. We saw 2 potential ones that we both like for the dining area. One of them was really pretty, I was surprised he liked it too!

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