October 14, 2011

Restaurant Week

This week is the second edition of Restaurant Week Singapore, where restaurants including some top ones offer 3-course meals at $25++ for lunch and $35++ for dinner. Of course in Singapore there's always some kind of justification to charge more so the more high-end establishments imposed a surcharge of $15 for lunch and $20 for dinner...so I think it's more worth it to attend dinners.

I had made several reservations which changed throughout the course of the week but managed to secure lunches at Salt Grill, Senso and Ku De Ta and ate very well for 3 days in a row!

Salt Grill was on Wednesday, and I went with Phyllis and Phil - our treat for Phil's birthday. It was a rainy day so the view was somewhat drab. We were seated in their casual section and service was indifferent.

I opted for the 'glass' Sydney crab omelette with miso mustard broth to start. It was a generous portion filled with crabmeat so it was quite value for money, considering the item is sold at $29 I think on the ala carte menu.

For my main, I had grilled free range spatchcock with Middle Eastern spices, currants and pine nuts but it was nothing very special. Phil ordered the gnocchi but the portion was tiny, could finish in 3 bites!

Dessert of the day was a licorice parfait, the taste of the Pernod was distinct and it was quite yummy. Overall as a meal, I rate it 3.5/5.

Yesterday, Phil and I met Germaine at Senso, a post-Jeju thank you lunch - her treat.

When I got there, I was coughing and a waiter noticed and offered me a hot honey lemon drink. I thought that was great initiative on his part and service throughout the meal was faultless.

The appetizer was fixed, it was a pan-fried buffalo mozzarella wrapped in parma ham. Portion was generous like Salt Grill, was full after the first course, coupled with the free-flow of assorted bread rolls they plied to our table.

For my main, I chose the gently roasted cod fillet with eggplant puree and asparagus. It was a thick steak of cod, I have to say that Senso sure doesn't stinge on ingredients unlike some places which would cut down on portion sizes for set menus. Anyway, the cod was lovely...

To round off the meal, we all had a warm chocolate cake served with vanilla ice-cream...done to perfection. Mmmm....

Overall the food and service was excellent, the last time I went to Senso before this was when they first opened and I'm not going to wait that long for my next visit! I rate this meal 4.5/5!

When I got home from work, I found the kids near the playground. Gigi has been isolated from Nat and Sasha while they all recuperate from various ailments and they hadn't seen each other in more than a week and were missing each other. So they had a quick catch up downstairs, careful not to make any physical contact or sneeze/cough. But they were so happy to be reunited, even if for a while.

This afternoon I had lunch with Juliana at Ku De Ta. We had both never been and were looking forward to the meal and the view. Both didn't disappoint, in fact the meal was a pleasant surprise because it wasn't a 3-course set but rather a variety of appetizers and mains served with rice.

These are the modern Asian dishes they served...

The baby spinach with creamy sesame dressing was nice and nutty, the rice crackers with minced porked was crunchy and tart, but I couldn't bring myself to consume the oyster. Am just not a fan. Juliana convinced me to try a little, which I did and nearly gagged...tastes exactly like it smells, slimy sea sand.

For the mains, they served wok-charred black angus beef with young ginger and green peppercorn, crunchy jumbo softshell crab and yellow vegetable curry stew with rice. The beef was really tender but a little too pink for my liking, the softshell crab was full of meat and the curry was lemak and addictive.

Dessert was anti-climatic, some pistachio cake with strawberry coulis that didn't go with the whole Asian meal. Overall, 4/5, aided by the view!

After lunch we wandered around on the sky deck to take in the view. It was a tad hazy unfortunately.

To cap off the day, there were drinks at The Bank in honour of Phil's birthday tomorrow. A few of us gathered there to celebrate with him, Wai Leng bought a cake from her friend's shop called Sweet Blessings, Desserts And Such. It was a rich decadent chocolate, shall have to check out what else they sell!

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