October 29, 2011

S is for...

...Supper in Serangoon Gardens.

We were supposed to have dinner at Samy's, but because I was still full from lunch and had already been to Dempsey earlier in the day, we decided to do supper instead.

Left right after Nat slept, this is only the second time he's leaving them alone at home with Wendy and we were gone just over 90 mins.

It was a cool rainy evening and Chomp Chomp was packed. Managed to find a table in the back and I ordered Hokkien Mee, sambal stingray and chicken wings to share.

He was busy on his Blackberry practically the whole time responding to work issues, hardly any conversation!

I busied myself with the food. The Hokkien mee was not too bad, but nothing beats my Hong Heng. The stingray had no oomph, the taste did not linger. Very happy about the chicken wings though, very rare to find $1 chicken wings these days!

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