October 1, 2011

Sasha at 18 months

Only 18 months and Sasha has taken to asking ‘why?! I would sing one line from Incy Wincy and she’ll ask why, as in why he went up the water spout! Or if I read a paragraph from Gingerbread Man, she’ll also ask ‘why’.

I don’t think she knows precisely in what context to use it, she just likes to say the word!

She can do short 2-3 word sentences like ‘gimme some’, ‘Sasha mabuk’, ‘Mummy read’ and repeats what we say. She now calls her pacifier ‘puting’ instead of ‘mine’ and screams if you take it out from her mouth. Still doesn’t say ‘don’t want’ properly, uses ‘buwan’.

She also screams when you take a toy away from her as Nat is prone to do, poor Sasha always gets bullied by Nat!

She tries to dress herself, or rather strip...pulling down her pants or shorts to show she knows how to remove them. But she doesn’t know how to put them on!

She can push herself around in her toy car and ride her rocking horse like a pro, in fact she rocks a little too hard, I fear she might throw herself off!

She loves food, will try anything at least once but if she doesn’t like it will spit it out. She loves carrots, will keep coming back to me when I have it on my plate, also peas.

Nat is in the habit of saying ‘You know’ and ‘right’ these days at the end of her sentences, real mak nenek. She naps without diapers now and feeds herself a little more regularly. Brushes her teeth herself and is just generally a little more independent, so that’s good!

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