October 11, 2011

Spottiswoode gals reunited

Sham and Sherene came over for dinner and the Spottiswoode bicycle gang was reunited! Been ages since I’d seen Sherene and our plans for a dinner out got thwarted when I had to babysit, as Nick was out of town.

Since we had rescheduled too many times, I invited them over instead. Tapau-ed satay and bee hoon goreng / mee goreng and murtabak from Lau Pa Sat, Sherene brought cupcakes and Sham made tiramisu.

Pops helped me babysit during the day and stayed for dinner. There was a SingTel technician over too, replacing our MIO stuff.

I was busy with Nat and Sasha and didn’t really get to chat much with the girls but it was better than nothing!
Will need to plan a proper girls night out, or a trip to KL to check out Sherene’s apartment!

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