November 12, 2011

Back to back

I was just running from one appointment to another today but still managed to make a quiche and fruit salad in the morning!

First up was a mums and babes brunch at 'Paris', a farewell for Jayna this time, instead of her mummy. I volunteered to bring a quiche and fruit salad, thought it was about time I attempt a quiche again, only my second it seemed like such a perfect brunch dish.

I made the shortcrust pastry last night and when blind-baking it this morning, Nick off-ed the oven by mistake...luckily there was no harm done. The chicken, mushroom and zucchini quiche turned out better than expected, I was quite pleased - it will be my default contribution to pot luck parties now...until I master something else!

The mummies and bubbas had a swell time, the kids were kept entertained and the ladies could chat. Plus there was some bubbly served...we all agreed we should make this a regular affair, perhaps once every 2 months.

We tried to take a group photo but it was very hard to get the kids to cooperate. There were 8 little girls in all!

Once back home, after putting the girls down for their nap, I got ready and went off for my next appointment - my colleague Dian's wedding at Bukit Panjang. Took 190 all the way, then switched to a feeder service. The weather was quite miserable, it poured all day.

Ended up approaching the wrong wedding at first, luckily I bumped into another colleague and we found our way together. I don't remember the last time I attended a Malay wedding, it would have been ages ago so it was nice to just soak in the festivities. I was tempted to wear a sari or kebaya but decided to opt for the comfort of a dress.

Got to meet a number of colleagues' spouses, it was nice to see them with their families and put faces to names.

The bride and groom changed several times that day, I caught 2 outfits...very grand I must say! Had a quick bite and hitched a ride with my big boss who was headed in my general direction.

Next stop was Amah's house where the aunts were celebrating her birthday. I missed everything by the time I reached but tucked into some leftover chicken rice and cake. Sorry Amah!

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