November 5, 2011

Farewell Judy!

Man, I feel like a nangka busuk, fell down some steps at No.5 last night and went boing, boing, boing on my bum...there’ll be a big bruise soon. Kavi fell too, but at a different spot and sprained her hand.

Judy departs for Sydney in a couple of weeks and this was meant to be a farewell. At first we were all cramped on the second floor till Jeanette found a booth seat on the first level. Music was good, too bad they don’t have a proper dance floor...didn’t stop us from boogie-ing towards the end though.

Nick arrived very late, he was supposed to come after Nat slept but he fell asleep himself!

Another fun night, though I had very little to drink, no mood after falling. We all went to Newton for supper when we were done, where we had a feast of sambal stingray, sotong, kangkung, egg foo yong, ohluak, char tow kway and chicken wings! Slurp!

Kavi ordered from her favourite tout, a lady with a beehive who answers to her ‘Simran’. Can’t miss her when you’re at Newton, she has 4 pens in her hair!

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