November 3, 2011

Fishy Thursday

Had two fishy/seafoody meals today, am stuffed!

For lunch, a few of us went to Boat Quay to check out the latest outlet of Smith's, who claim to serve authentic British fish and chips. Phil has tried their Katong outlet and has been raving about how good their fish and chips are. I've been meaning to check them out for a while too ever since spotting them from a bus ride to Katong back in Feb.

Went with Phil, Aaron, Gerry and Austin - 2 Brits and 2 Aussies and they all concurred the fish and chips were good and authentic, down to the curry sauce, malt vinegar and mushy peas. Even came wrapped in paper.

I thought it was pretty good, but oily. I liked the peas and curry sauce, the batter tasted a little like Long John Silver's but I think I like my Skinny Pizza fish and chips best at the moment, with the truffle fries and less oily batter.

Dinner was seafood at Jumbo to eat with Nick's boss Gavin, who had requested to meet me. He's the CEO of Trafalgar and was very friendly and down to earth. He was asking me all sorts of questions about the kids and how Nick and I met, and how he proposed etc. He regaled us with some stories from his travels, he's bumped into George Clooney in Como. Swoon.

He mentioned that he's told Nick he has to try out his own product by going on a Trafalgar tour next year, I'm so going to try and make that happen and tag along! Hmm, Spain, Northern Italy or France? Heh heh. He's also invited us to watch any Chelsea home game, he has box seats. Cool!

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