November 16, 2011

Food tasting at Senso...*hic*

We have an event at Senso next week and the kind people at the restaurant allowed us to have a food tasting of the selected canapes today, along with the wines being served for the wine tasting session of our networking event.

Since they allowed up to 4 diners, I invited Gerry and Didier along and we met Phil there. All the savoury canapes were good but I decided to change the dessert ones to other options.

The wines were all good, not that I can tell one apart from the other but the sommelier kept plying us with bottle after bottle and we tried 8 wines in all, 4 red and 4 white and they were almost full servings, mind you.

I was a teensy bit high from all that alcohol but could still function. I did feel really airy though and eventually forced myself to do a Merlion and felt much better after that. Not an experience to be repeated anytime soon!

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