November 7, 2011

Hari Raya Zoo

I don’t know what we were thinking to attempt the zoo on a public holiday but it was rather impromptu, after Kaelash said he was going.

Thankfully the weather held up, it was gloriously sunny but the zoo, was well, a zoo! It was crammed with people and we decided to go anti-clockwise and start with the African side.

There was Kaelash, Jeanette, Riley, Reagan, Tse Nar, Khin, Ananya, ourselves and the Gomezs.

Kids had a ball as usual, I missed Sasha’s first visit and am glad to be around for her second. She could name the animals she saw and was tickled by the giraffes we saw peeing and has been re-enacting it since!

We saw monkeys, rhinos, giraffes, zebras, lions, cheetahs, leopards, giant tortoises, komodo dragons, flamingos, snakes, impalas, parrots etc. Didn’t cover the other end with the tigers and polar bears but bumped into Mischa and co at the lion enclosure.

Had lunch at Ah Meng cafe, Kaelash actually brought pasta for all the kids and when Sasha saw the pasta spirals, she didn’t want her mee sua and kept asking for ‘doonles’ (noodles).

We popped by Children’s World for a bit but our kids were tired and bored by then so we left first and they promptly crashed in the car.

Headed back to the north for dinner at AMK, Mildred had lots of leftovers from the day before. Aunty Susan and Aunty Darrell were around and were entertained by the kids.

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