November 6, 2011

Kids R Us

Went to AMK for dinner where Mildred was hosting her friend Regina as well as Sylvia, Cato and Cara. I think we last met at Sasha’s party but Nat and Cara seemed to have forgotten each other.

Mildred made popiah, it was not too bad, I think we don’t need to order from shops anymore!

Cara is so chubby, Sylvia passed on some swimsuits she could not fit into.

Yesterday Joanne came over to Membina where we hung out for the day.

Brought the kids to the playground, there was a brother and sister duo who were quite rough and bratty, and another China kid who peed in his pants while on a rocking rhino but continued playing in his wet shorts plus left the ride wet...don’t know what his grandparents were thinking!

Ray and Sasha interacted more as they are closer in age plus Nat and Gigi had each other. After dinner, Joanne followed us back to Spottiswoode to chill some more before Nick sent her and Ray back.

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