November 26, 2011

Reagan is 1!

Reagan celebrated her first birthday today, with a repeat fairy theme that big sis Riley had. She was so adorable in her pink and green fairy costume, just want to squish her!

The kids had sufficiently recovered from their recent bouts of flu and were excited to be reunited with the other kids. There was a fairy bouncy castle that Nat took a while to warm up to but soon she was bouncing around with the rest.

Had to feed the bubs one by one, didn’t bring Wendy along and Nick was stressing himself out for no reason over their mealtime. Nat didn’t want to eat the hot dogs prepared for the kids and opted for plain pilau rice from the adult buffet, which irked her father because he harped on about it not having any nutritional value and he kept topping up the carrots and peas for her. After a while, I sent him away to hang with the other daddies!

Nat did get to try sparkler sticks for the first time, surprisingly they did not freak her out.

Jeanette made the birthday cake, I missed out on a proper slice but from the bite I tried, it was damn good cake! Rich dark chocolate and covered in crushed Oreo.

Earlier in the day, we met a very special baby, Marie. She was almost a month old, but her delivery and the fact that her mum was even pregnant was top secret till after she arrived.

Mark and Grace had good reason to keep it under wraps as they did not want to get their hopes too high after experiencing a full-term stillborn a couple of years ago. Couldn’t be more pleased for them, they went through a lot but persevered, didn’t lose hope and tried again...good for them!

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