November 1, 2011

Sasha is 19 months

I know all moms think their child is the cutest or smartest but I am wondering if I have a potential genius in the house?

Sasha can name all the different basic shapes now and differentiate between them – she’s an expert at her shape sorter plus she can name colours like pink, blue, green, red, yellow, purple, orange, red, rainbow etc.

She can sing the whole alphabet from A-Z and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, which I think is quite advanced for her age but that’s just me! We have peg puzzles for alphabets and numbers which she can put back all the letters/numbers quite quickly.

She does 3-word sentences, i.e. ‘Mummy cammy (carry) me’, ‘I put back’, ‘Nat-nat wake up’, ‘I don’t want’, ‘Korek belt’. Recently when she met Nya Nya and Baba after a long while, she would keep repeating their names to herself long after the meeting, going ‘Uncle Baba’, ‘Uncle Ri-shed’. She calls Wendy ‘Ah wenny’.

She jumps on the bed like a wrestler, 2-3 bounces before flopping on her back or butt, doesn’t pay attention to how close she is to the edge of the bed or the wall, such a daredevil!

She does like to put on Nat’s Adidas shoes and walk around the house, I don’t know why that particular pair. Over the weekend we were at Centrepoint and a pair of shoes caught her eye at Bata. She insisted on buying it, repeating ‘Mummy buy’, ‘Mummy buy’ in the store and when I took the shoe away from her to pay, she screamed and brought the house down thinking I wasn’t buying it! There are signs she could be the next Imelda Marcos!

At night I have started reading stories to her before bed, she gets one or two each night but she picks the same stories over and over again. Her current favourite is ‘The Fish That Talked’, “Circus Under The Sea” and ‘Gingerbread Man’ which she can listen to 10 times a day and even complete the last word on each page.

In the first week of October, she was down with a viral fever that hit a peak of 41deg celcius, Nat had it before her. There was a trip to KK in the middle of the night at 4am when she was burning up and shivering, we didn’t know what fits looked like but Nick didn’t want to take any chances. She had fever suppositories inserted a couple of times during that period, poor bub.

Nat is really starting to mature, she goes to the big potty on her own, refusing the padded seat or a stool, just hoists herself up. She brushes her own teeth and is more adept at writing alphabets, including her name ‘Nat’. She can draw caterpillars and funny faces and colour within lines...yay.

She’s starting to display a sense of humour, trying her hand at cracking jokes. Well, at least I find them funny. For example, we have a storybook called ‘Adam Goes To Italy’ and one of the characters had a comment about his leaning tower of ice-cream after visiting Pisa.

When she saw a fallen mushroom on a documentary one night, she called it the ‘Leaning Tower of Mushroom’ and ever since, she’ll just say out that line to make me laugh. Plus she doesn’t pronounce ‘mushroom’ properly so it sounds like ‘mahroom’. And when she knows she’s said something funny, she’ll laugh and go, “I joke you”.

I have new names for the girls...Nat is always digging my bag or drawers so I’ve dubbed her Little Miss Korek. Sasha is Little Miss Puting for the constant pacifier usage and when I asked Nat what should we call Gigi who likes to hide, she exclaimed, ‘Tikus” and so we have Little Miss Tikus as well. LOL!

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