November 18, 2011

TTFN Caprice!

Caprice messaged a couple of weeks ago to say she was moving on to Swiss pastures after her hubby received a job offer there and we met for dinner this evening along with Terh Ling and Adri. Adrienne couldn't make it in the end because of a cold so it was a cozy dinner for 4.

Made reservations at Oriole Cafe and killed time before dinner at Uniqlo, purchasing 3 tops. Terh Ling came not long after I sat down, followed by Adri. We shared 3 mains including the crabmeat capellini I have been thinking about, before Caprice arrived after putting Scott to sleep.

It was great catching up, Caprice will be based in Basel...oooh, land of the jewellery and watch fair! Hopefully we get to visit one day. Ooh, and no.2 will be arriving in the new year, can't wait to find out if it will be a boy or girl...she herself is in the dark!

Terh Ling's 2 kids Kimberley and Darren made an appearance after dinner, they were shopping in town with daddy and Kimmie helped us take this group shot, not bad eh?

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