November 19, 2011

U is for...

...Uncle Leong.

It's been a while since I had butter crab and have been craving for it. Met Colin and Debra for a doubledate at Uncle Leong in Tebing Lane, Punggol.

Have been curious to check out Tebing Lane since hearing about it, there is a Popeye's there, a large pool hall, prawning and a bunch of other restaurants and cafes. For somewhere so ulu, it sure was crowded...Nick had trouble finding parking.

We shared 2 crab dishes - their signature shimmering sand crab and a chilli one. Prices are going up, the crab cost $45 per kg but aside from the crabs, the other dishes were just so-so. We had coffee ribs, scallops with brocolli, salted egg prawns and fried beancurd. The salted egg prawn dish at Jumbo is better. But still I was a happy camper with the shimmering sand crab which essentially the creamy butter crab with cereal.

After dinner, we had a drink at a cafe called Frienzie. I don't know how they do their pricing, their mocktails were more expensive than their cocktails but generally other prices were ok. Might go back one day and bring the kids, since they are situated next to a canal and have a kids menu.

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