November 2, 2011

Verve Pizza

Met the SingTel folks for dinner this evening. There was supposed to have been 8 of us, but Richard and Max cancelled so it was just me, Desmond, Michael, Crispian, Hong Wei and Juliana.

Since I organized it, I had dibs on picking the venue and went with Verve at Marina Bay. It's just a bit before the MBS convention centre and faces the CBD so there was a relatively good view, though it would have been better to be closer to the water.

This is the same Verve that used to be at Gilman Village, the food still tastes good especially the pizzas and appetizer like calamari and fish cakes but am not a fan of the homemade pasta noodle texture, the linguine looked just like mee pok!

Juliana was late and though her growing belly is not obvious (yes, she's preggers and I've known for a while, heh heh), Crispian asked if she was expecting and she confirmed it. The rest of the guys were surprised but happy for her, she's almost 6mths along but her tummy is quite compact. And I had guessed right, it's a girl. Yay!

By 9-ish, we all started heading home but not before I had a chocolate cointreau ice cream to end the meal, yummy!

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