December 24, 2011

Bird poo poo

Need to buy 4-D asap! Me and Nick got pooped on by birds in the middle of Orchard Road at midnight, just as we were on our way to Orchard Cineleisure after tapau-ing burgers at Heeren!

I got some on the back of my cardigan plus my hair, and he got some on his hair and the subsequent dash to the loo to clean up made us late for our movie "New Year's Eve". Silly birds, why were they up so late? Thank goodness my bag didn't kena!

Today was the start of my leave, no work till next Friday, woo-hoo! We brought the kids to Orchard in the morning for last minute shopping at Tangs and ended up at Ion's Fish & Co for lunch.

Joanne was having a pre-Christmas party in the evening but Ray had been diagnosed with HFMD earlier in the week and Nick being Nick, opted out to be on the safe side for the sake of the girls' health. We ended up eating leftovers from his office Christmas party that he attended in the afternoon. Sorry Jo and Ray, see you another day!

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