December 10, 2011

Dining at Dempsey

Not long now before Puni pops, and she is looking mighty radiant...sigh, I miss being pregnant sometimes!

We met for dinner at Dempsey last night with Kannaki and Chris and for once they were all early or on time, while I was late! Managed to save some travelling time by hitching a ride with Kannaki halfway.

I had made a reservation at CMPB just in case, and we ended up there. My ears perked up when the waiter said there was a crab soup available, and we were all expecting something creamy.

However it turned out to be a copy of the crab omelette in miso broth served at Salt Grill. At $12, it was pretty good value, lots of crab meat and I slurped up every last drop!

I had a rosti and sausage for my main, it was alright, nothing to rave about. The others had pasta, mostly quite average. We shared a side of mushrooms that was overly salty and decided to proceed elsewhere for dessert, ending up at the Dome cafe where we chatted till past 1am...

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