December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012!

Aside from the final Alphabet Date for the year, we also met Joanne and Ray today for breakfast at KFC East Coast and to exchange Xmas pressies. Thereafter, Sasha snoozed while Nat and Ray played on the beach. Ray showed off his skate scooter skills, he's much better than Nat!

Ben and Wendy came to pick the girls for an airport outing so we could complete Z, and in the evening, we all went over to the folks house for dinner before coming home to put the girls to bed.

Only 7 minutes left until 2012, how another year has just flown!

Kids are all asleep, only me and Nick are awake at home and for yet another year, we will be having a quiet countdown in the comfort of home.

Gosh, time really does fly, the years are just flashing by and before I know it, the kids will be all grown up and married! Nat will be 4 in a month, Sasha will be 2 soon... people are trying to get us to have a Dragon baby but no way, I ain't popping out a watermelon anytime next year or the year after but ask me again in 2013.

It's been a good year travel-wise. My wish last year for more travel was granted, starting with the almost-free holiday to the Maldives, a day trip to Johor before the railway station closed for good, 10 days in Italy with Ma which was exasperating yet unforgettable - we saw Lady Gaga up close, a family holiday to Bintan and then work trips to Tokyo, Jeju (twice!) and Hong Kong.

Since the wish came true, I would like for a similar number of trips next year but I think that would be too much time away from the kids. For sure I know we should be going somewhere during the March holidays, and Nick has promised a quick getaway for our anniversary, we may not end up in Penang.

He switched brands to Trafalgar in the second half of this year, and a trip to Europe is on the cards in the name of research for him and I'm keeping fingers crossed it materializes because then I get to go. I also hope I can tag along if he goes to India again. Am counting on all these personal trips because work-wise I don't think I will travel as much once we replace the headcount in North Asia.

It's been a good work year, my boss is cool and we work well together. Have new cubicle neighbours who banter and bitch and they are quite funny, some eye candy moved into the office etc.

Hopefully the kids fall sick less in 2012, for their sake and for mine, because Nick can really be a grouch when they're ill which is no fun for me. But I think he is lightening up, at least I hope so! He's been pretty sweet and patient the last couple of weeks but I guess it's because he was on leave and more relaxed, plus they were not sick to stress him out.

He has been kind enough to humour me with our Alphabet Dates and we're set to continue next year...I'll even let him plan some of them!

I got to vote this year, not in the General Elections where Tanjong Pagar was a walkover, but in the Presidential Elections. The political landscape is changing in Singapore, people are getting more vocal and openly critical of the government and on their part they seem eager to improve and win back the people.

Every year I make similar resolutions, which always end up broken i.e. lose weight, shop less, save more, drink water and 2012 will be no different. I shall endeavor to cook regularly and be more hands-on with the kids...Wendy will be leaving in April and am sure there'll be separation issues.

Ooh, it's past midnight and the fireworks are starting! Luckily we get to enjoy the displays on Sentosa and Mt Faber. Happy new year everyone and may all your wishes come true in 2012!

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