December 8, 2011

Hong Kong Day 3 (7 Dec)

Just got home a while ago, after opting to take the last SQ flight home.

This morning we had a meeting with our PR agency at their office, and on the way back to IFC where Phil had left his laptop, we stopped at some vendors polishing shoes. He got a kick out of it!

Picked up a sandwich and more poppyseed cake from Pret A Manger for my lunch and we parted ways. I went back to Causeway Bay and bought some jellies for the girls at Sogo, Nat had requested for grape flavour.

Then I quickly packed up and checked out, and went back to Hong Kong Station to do the in-town check in and dump my luggage. Took the airport express to the airport then switched to bus S1 headed for Tung Chung, where the Citygate Outlets are located.

I was planning on visiting the big Buddha on Lantau Island first but it was just too foggy for the Ngong Ping cable car ride so that was scrapped. Killed the afternoon at the outlet shops instead but there wasn’t anything particularly cheap. Plus fashions were all wintery.

I did end up with a passport cover from DVF and a pair of shorts from Esprit plus a little something for Nick’s Xmas pressie. Paused for a wanton mee lunch at the food court and then before I knew it, it was time to head back to the airport to catch my flight.

Went to the Hui Lau Shan at the arrival hall to indulge in some mango pudding, and bought 4 boxes of mango mochi for home. We shall have a mango overload the next couple of days!

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