December 1, 2011

Hi 5 at Millenia

It's the time of the year where malls start hosting kiddie shows as the festivities ramp up for Christmas and HI 5 are back in town again, this time at Millennia.

Of course we had to bring the girls because they watch Hi 5 ALL the time! It was Sasha's first time watching one of these shows, she didn't freak but neither did she get up and dance.

Nat initially covered her ears, afraid of the loud noise but by the end, she and Gigi were singing and dancing along to songs such as Monster Dance and LOVE and other jingles. Altogether Tim, Stevie, Lauren, Fely and Casey sang about 6 songs but it wasn't as put together as last year's Marina Square production.

Still it was fun and next up is Dora!

When we got home, we could just about see some of the Vivo anniversary fireworks. They were launched from a platform in the water so they were pretty low, nothing in the sky. Disappointing.