December 7, 2011

Hong Kong Day 2 (6 Dec)

Oh man, I am knackered, it was a long day yesterday.

Started off with heading to the Sophis office at IFC, took the train to Central. Had me some breakfast at Pret A Manger, they had orange poppyseed cake which I had to have!

The Sophis office has a great view from the 58th floor of IFC, I like! Phil arrived shortly after me and we went to RED Bar & Restaurant during lunch to see the venue again. He had some meetings and a conference call and asked me to make myself scarce for a couple of hours so I went happily in search of the H&M at Queen’s Road Central.

Picked up a few items for me and the girls and then on my way back I bought some silk jackets for their CNY outfits. Grabbed some takeout lunch from the supermarket and then it was time to start preparing for the event.

Truth be told, the turnout was a little disappointing, a much higher drop-off rate than expected. But still, we had more than our Singapore event at Senso so all’s good.

Everything ended by 9pm and the night was still young, so Phil, Didier and I ventured to Lan Kwai Fong. Watched the band at Hard Rock, they were quite good and I pigged out on a few side dishes.

Next up was Zinc, that place seemed quite happening and last was The China Bar, where I didn’t like the music. I felt like a tiang lampu most of the evening, cramping the style of my two colleagues who really wanted to party hard but I was tired so I left first.

By the time I got back it was past 2.30 am and I didn’t sleep till 3 plus. So, so tired but I have to get ready for a meeting now!

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