December 29, 2011

Puni's Princess

I got an SMS last night from Puni announcing that she had delivered the baby and I couldn't resist popping by the hospital to get a look at the munchkin!

She was indisposed when I arrived and I waited outside the ward with a whole gang of her relatives, there must have been at least 15 of them!

I managed to get the lowdown on the gory birth details, she had to have an emergency C-section after the baby's heart stopped for a bit, apparently she was pressing down on her own umbilical cord, cutting off blood supply so the doc didn't waste any time.

Thankfully the bubba is healthy and well, no name as yet until the stars are consulted to see what alphabet suits her. Date and time of birth is officially 28 Dec 2011 at 7.38pm...congrats Puni, Siva and big brother Nik!

After KKH, I rushed down to meet Desmond, Michael and Jeannie for dinner at PS Cafe, Ann Siang Hill. Last gathering for the year and we had a good meal.

I ordered a crab tart, it was full of crabmeat, thought I could have done without some of the cartilage. At $29, it's a pricey tart but at least there's quite a bit of crab.

Michael had a steak sandwich which he claimed was really good, Desmond's cod and Jeannie's prawn pasta looked promising too...I think I have to go back and try more of the menu. For dessert we shared a decadent chocolate cake and a sticky date pudding which was really moist and yummy with the side of ice cream. Oh and we learned something new about Michael, he's OCD about hygiene!

After dinner we adjourned to Ying Yang at Club Hotel for one drink before calling it a night. Nick is away in Taipei and the dopes kindly babysat for me.

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