December 3, 2011

Spicy Girls take on Dora

There was much estrogen in the air when the Spicy Girls invaded Raffles City today to catch the Dora show!

I decided to just bring Nat on my own for some bonding time, and we were joined by the Dopes, Danams, Kavi, Ananya and Riley.

Met for lunch at the food court where I bumped into a familiar face, don't think I have seen her for at least 6 or 7 years, if not more. It was Shareen of SES, and she still looked as youthful as ever. Her daughters are all grown up at 18 and 15, gosh! We had a quick chat, and I will seek her out on FB.

The kids were all excited to see Dora, but when it came to showtime, Gigi and Nat turned into chickens and stayed at the back of the audience area while the rest headed to the front. Nat covered her ears the whole time, even though it wasn't loud and Gigi eventually relaxed once the show started.

After the show, the kids held hands and ran riot through the mall, breaking out into 'Ring O Roses' in the middle of the walkways and giggling their heads off.

We all went over to Membina after, except for the Danams. I tried to nap but the 3 older kids came to wake me up quite rudely by stomping their feet on Swana's platform and jumping on the bed!

Kaelash and Jeanette came over in the evening with Bobo and Nick dropped off Pumpkin and Wendy. Bobo was a pie, she let me carry her without too much fuss...that one has an old soul I think, she stares quite intently and has this constant half-amused smile that makes me feel like she knows more than she lets on.

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