December 1, 2011

'Terrible' 20 months

I think Sasha is hitting the terrible twos ahead of schedule, boy can she cry when she doesn’t get her way! Sometimes we give in, sometimes we distract her and sometimes we hold firm and say ‘no’. All depends on the circumstances.

She’s been refusing to sit in the high chair during meals, squirming and escaping the straps, Wendy has started chasing her around the house for mealtimes. I know I shouldn’t encourage it but it’s really hard to get through a whole meal in the high chair unless the TV is on, so I would rather chase her around the house than let her watch TV.

Her sentences are now 4 to 6 words or even more. In the car, she’ll request for her favourite songs by going, “I want God Said It, Daddy”. When I’m eating, it’s, “I want mummy doonle (noodle),” when we put the tree up, it was ‘I like pink ball”.

She can sing Little Cabin, God Said It, Rock A Bye Baby in full, sometimes she mumbles when she doesn’t know the exact lyric, quite funny especially when she sings the days of the week.

She differentiates between ‘I’ and ‘my’ when she forms her sentences and in the right context too.

She loves to shake her bum, saying ‘I gelek gelek’ when she dances. She can slide down now unassisted and stands on her rocking horse like a stuntwoman. She’ll balance herself then jump off and go, “Whoa!”

Sasha is a real foodie, never refuses to try anything and mildly spicy food doesn’t deter her. She loves blueberries and strawberries and of course, ‘doo-nles’. She is very independent and adept at entertaining herself when we are busy, she can do her puzzles over and over again without getting bored.

She runs and not walks around the house, always chasing after Nat. These 2 can be loving one minute and fighting the next! I foresee a lot of refereeing as they grow older.

Nat is a typical girly girl as she approaches 4. She’s taken to wearing a tiara at home practically all day. She’s got rhythm when she dances and I think she might be opening up to the idea of ballet or some kind of dance class. I really ought to practice more phonics and reading skills with her, the only word she can read is ‘the’!

She had a high fever of 39+ a couple of weeks ago, as usual Nick stayed up to sponge and over-medicate her even though she was generally active.

At one point he even threatened to come home from work and administer paracetamol when I refused too. Had to fib and say I would give her, but in reality I didn’t and she was fine. Same with Sasha, she had mild fever around the same time and I didn’t give her anything and she shook it off within a day. Kancheong spider!

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