December 2, 2011

V is for...

...V Hotel and vinyls.

Tucked away on the 4th floor of the new-ish V Hotel is 12-inch Pizzas & Records, a pizzeria by Timbre and venue for this evening's dinner. Today is also our 11th year as a couple.

I thought the boy would appreciate all the vinyl records on display, but alas, I was wrong. He wasn't taken with the place, I suppose the fact that the restaurant was empty on a Friday night didn't help first impressions.

But nevertheless we went ahead to order some soups, a hoisin duck pizza recommended by the waiter and some ribs. They had cute menus in the shape of records, and there was a record player in the corner that I'm sure Nick would have loved to get his hands on.

I had a corn soup and he had seafood chowder, my soup tasted very fresh with generous kernels of corn. The pizza was a disappointment, a bit jelak to eat after a while because the sauce is sweet plus it was quite oily so I think I will stick with tomato-based pizzas from now except for those from Skinny Pizza.

The ribs were tangy and refreshing with a citrus sauce and sliced oranges, but they weren't like melt-off-the-bone soft and were served lukewarm so there's definitely room for improvement.

I think it will take a while for the restaurant to gain a following, they've only been open for a couple of months and being on the 4th floor is not conducive to walk-in customers but they do provide room service for the hotel guests.

Before leaving, Nick needed to use the loo and what we saw surprised us. The unisex loo cubicles were right in the middle of the outdoor seating section and not in any enclosed area. They are surrounded by tables and chairs and the whole world can see how long you might use the bath room and guess if you're peeing or pooping. Not to mention the smells wafting through the air!

My own opinion is that it's not hygienic to locate bacteria-infested loos so near F&B service areas, even though the loos may be kept clean. Ugh!

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