December 22, 2011

W is for...

...Wah Kee Big Prawn Noodles.

This stall is supposedly home of Singapore's best prawn mee according to the I Eat, I Shoot, I Post blog and ever since reading about them, I've been wanting to try. Had to recover from my bout of flu from last week though, else I wouldn't be able to taste anything! Was so sick, missed a whole week of work, and coughed up blood too.

The boy picked me up from work and duly drove to Pek Kio Market near Kent Road. He started queuing immediately, it didn't seem that long, only 5-6 people deep it but still took a good 20 mins till we got our food.

The old couple dishes them out slowly, and it didn't help that just before Nick's turn, some young boy was allowed to cut queue and order 5 bowls...think he knew the aunty behind the counter! I could almost see the steam coming out from Nick's ears! LOL!

Anyway, the chor bee hoon I had was very fine, thinner than the usual chor bee hoon. The soup was quite flavourful, I would call it power stock. It was sweet, almost buttery with a dash of spice and tiny bits of lard and I finished all my soup. The prawns were fresh and succulent, however I could still get a bit of freshwater taste as if they were not boiled in stock so I didn't quite like that fishy taste.

Overall, it was a pretty darn good bowl of prawn mee, though my boy begs to differ...he was not impressed, the queuing left a sour taste in his mouth but he did it anyway...he says only for me! Awww...

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