December 31, 2011

Z is for...

...Zion Road.

We did it! We made it to Z before 2011 ran out! I had a fancy option for Z thinking we could end the year on a high but the boy opted for good 'ole hawker fare. Not that we could eat much after a KFC breakfast barely 2 hours before.

Ben and Wendy took the kids off our hands and brought them to the airport while we made our way to Zion Road from East Coast.

Couldn't decide what to eat and we ended up ordering from the same stall, old-school prawn mee that was just $2.50 for a small bowl. He had sugarcane lemon juice and I had soursop with lemon, real refreshing after the heat of the beach.

We parked at Great World so before leaving, I popped in the Zara sale (another Z!) and then we went to Cold Storage to get stuff.

I'm so glad we completed A-Z, nothing like setting a goal and accomplishing it. Though there was some delay and it was hard to commit to fortnightly, we started what we finished and next year is a whole new cycle. Might change things up a bit and do the alphabets randomly, see how. Any suggestions?

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