December 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013

It’s the last day of the year, and all we did was stay at home, well mostly. Nick went to work for half a day, while I was on leave. Tried to catch up on my blog which I’ve been very lazy to update of late.

2 days ago we had dinner at Ben’s, the girls love to lounge on his bed, likening his room to a hotel, just because it has a TV in there! Had a new sink installed too in the common toilet to replace the one that broke. 

Yesterday was occupied with church, lunch at Membina and while Sasha napped, me, Swana and Kevin brought Gigi and Nat to Dripz for some tea time snacking. See the posers in matching purple outfits.

We ate dinner at home first and then went over to Membina for some family time. For the 3rd year in a row, there was crabs to be had on New Year’s Eve thanks to Swana’s craving.

Aunty Sarda has not been eating for 8 days and her breathing getting more laboured. She’s been in a deep sleep since she stopped eating, so the end is definitely near. I somehow got the feeling as I left Membina tonight that it was going to be the last time I saw her alive. Nick even left a rosary in her hand and murmured some words of encouragement in Teochew to go peacefully and not be afraid.

It’s been a year of mixed emotions. On one hand was Aunty Sarda’s tumour bombshell, then news that No.3 is on the way, and another niece/nephew. There was decent travel, got to see the Keukenhof, Great Wall of China and all the famous London sights and a first time trip with JGR.

Aside from the new bub, I wonder what 2013 holds in store…

December 27, 2012

The world's biggest aquarium

It was off to the newly opening aquarium at Resorts World today, the plan was to meet the other bubs but in the end, we ended up going on our own because the others took too long to get ready and when we saw the long queues upon our arrival, we discouraged them from coming. 
Buying tickets was a long process, at first Nick was queuing in the super long general queue that looked like it would take at least 30-45 mins to clear, then I spotted a cash queue that was much shorter and we managed to get tickets within 15 mins.

However, getting into the aquarium was another long wait. After cutting through the Maritime Experiential Museum, we went down a set of escalators and found ourselves facing another very, very long queue, there must have been at least 500 people or more.
It snaked around the whole basement and Nick decided to go buy food at that point so we could feed the girls while we waited to enter. I think it took almost 30 mins to get in, by which time Nick was back but once inside, the enjoyment of the fish was marred by the crowds blocking every exhibit. It got slightly better as we made our way further in but truth be told, I wasn’t terribly impressed by what I saw.

Some of the tanks were dirty already, the variety of fish limited (couldn’t even find “Nemo!”) and the travellator bit was a very short ride. The kids were awed by the giant panoramic window called Open Ocean but it was rather bare, just lots of fish but no corals or rocks.

We sat there close to an hour feeding them lunch and munching on sandwiches ourselves so at least it came in handy to distract them. I don’t think I’ll be returning anytime soon though!

In the evening, we invited ourselves over to ‘Paris’ to visit baby Jai and Vim. He’s grown and is thriving, Diya has settled well into her role of big sister. Kaelash and Swana etc came over too, so the adults could catch up a little bit while the bubs played among themselves. 

Annual exchange

And we’ve come to the end of the first trimester, fast eh? Visited Dr Siow this morning and the kids got to see their little baby bro/sis on the ultrasound. Baby Lim #3 seems to be growing well, right on track and measures about 6cm. I predict a girl!
After the visit, we headed to town. I had a lunch appointment with JGR and Nick brought the kids to Tangs to eat. Met the ladies at Antoinette at Mandarin Gallery for our annual Christmas gift exchange, but before that I managed to sneak to Dorothy Perkins and buy a top!
They all ordered a chicken and mushroom crepe while I was the odd one out with a crab pasta. I think I would have been better off with the crepe! We shared 2 cakes, a gula melaka coconut tart and a strawberry shortcake for dessert.
As Rena and I were both not working, we jalan-ed for a little while after lunch, popping in to Mulberry and H&M, resulting in me incurring Nick’s wrath because I opted to stay on in town to window shop. Whatever!

I only got home about an hour after him, and then disaster struck! Wendy had been trying to wipe a leak on our common toilet false wall and in a moment of folly, stepped onto the suspended cabinet below our sink.

It broke from the wall and crashed with a thud…luckily she wasn’t hurt but I was a little displeased because for one, my nice blue tile was ruined and really, she ought to have known better that the cabinet can’t take her weight! It’s currently being supported by a stool until we can get a new sink in. 
Ooh, there was a nice big full moon tonight and I got another moon shot in!

December 25, 2012

Christmas 2012

Merry Christmas! Just like last year, we had a very quiet Christmas day. The kids were allowed to open their presents, Nat was thrilled to finally be able to wear her mini wedding dress while Sasha didn’t seem so impressed with her scooter!
No matching outfits for them, Nat wore a Gap dress with a sparkly tulle skirt and Sasha a little Ted Baker dress I bought in London.
Spent the morning preparing a pot of chicken curry to bring over to Ben’s house, he hosted a pot luck for us and Wendy’s family. It’s been ages since I saw Emmanuel and Francesca, Wendy’s nephew and niece…they are all grown up.
I couldn’t really taste the curry as I was preparing it, my tastebuds are still wonky but it seemed to go down well with Wendy’s mum and brother, there was hardly any leftover. The tiramisu did well too!
The kids jumped on Ben’s bed, they liken his house to a hotel because he has a king-sized bed and TV in the room.
In the evening, we headed out to Toh Yi to have dinner at the Gomezs. Anne’s fiancé Richie was there and looks like their wedding plans are falling into place nicely. Can’t wait for October!
They bought really nice presents for the kids, a tiara and wand for Sasha and a Paintastics kit for Nat who enjoys her art and craft.

X is for...

...Xmas eve and Xin Wang Café.

The boy went to work for his office celebrations while I stayed home with the kids all day. In the afternoon I whipped up a tiramisu for tomorrow’s family lunch, so it could set overnight.
Made a simple dinner of bolognaise and an apple crumble for dessert. First time attempting the crumble, I liked my crust and everything actually came together really well, except I used green apples and they were super sour so the end result was not to my liking. Will stick with red apples in future!
For supper, the boy and I ventured to Xin Wang Hong Kong Café at Tiong Bahru Plaza, was in the mood for instant noodles with luncheon meat but the noodle texture was disappointing. It was an eat and dash affair, I didn’t want to usher in Christmas in the restaurant but the clock struck midnight in the car on the way home. 
Upon reaching home, I gave the boy his Christmas presents, this year it was a polka dot navy tie from TM Lewin, a snow globe and tickets to the Journey concert in March. I wasn’t expecting anything in return since the Mulberry bag was supposed to be several presents in one, but he still got me a Kenneth Cole watch. Cool design! 

December 23, 2012

Dinner at Parco

Wendy was off today and we decided to eat dinner nearby at Parco Café. They’ve changed their menu again, and now lunch and dinner is the same food and same price. The kids shared a pizza with Nick, while I had a crayfish laksa…pricey at $28. Taste was ok, but not lemak enough.
A little girl named Alexis who was dining with her parents came over to make friends with Nat and Sasha and in no time at all they were running around outside the restaurant.

Sasha wanted to see Alexis’ little brother inside the restaurant so I brought her in to meet the baby, whom we found out was named Bryan. Chatted a little to the parents, they live in Kim Tian but the mum’s mum lives in Spottiswoode hence they are in the neighbourhood a lot.

Service is still good at Parco though, Balan was still around and he and Nick chatted like old friends. After dinner, we took a drive to the Merlion and I had me some ice chocolate blended from Coffee Bean which the girls tried and couldn’t get enough of.

December 22, 2012

Lights! Camera! Action!

The moon has been pretty close and bright of late, and I finally checked instructions on what’s the best way to photograph it and avoid getting a big white blob. Love it!
Kavi was having auditions for the second season of Zoom Zim Zam and we all brought along our bubbas for their close ups.

The auditions were being held at her office and there was a crowd of parents and kids waiting outside. After putting down our names, we sat at the little coffeeshop opposite and waited for the rest to come, foregoing our turn when the girls’ names were called because we didn’t hear it.
We ate and fed the kids and waited till all the outsiders had left before we sent the kids in with Kavi to be interviewed and filmed.
Sasha was first, she was not shy at all. When asked her name on camera, she answered ‘Snow White’! She sang a little, made some phonic sounds and she and Gigi even did Gangnam Style!
Nat was reluctant to audition at first, but when she saw how easy it was and what she had to do, she went up for her turn too and was very sweet and shy but she looked good on camera.
We didn’t stay till the everyone had their turn, leaving first for the kids to nap. 

In the evening, we all met again at Kaelash’s place for an early Xmas gathering for the kids and I handed out most of everyone’s pressies.

December 21, 2012

Soaking in Christmas spirit at Orchard

For the first day of my leave today, we headed down to Ion thinking we would get some Xmas shopping done, but we didn’t buy anything!

Instead, we admired the decorations with the kids, there was a fountain set up outside along with a giant tree, which we could go in and ring the bell.
We decided to lunch at Hard Rock Café and mummy and Gigi met us there. Their set lunch is really worth it, at $15 nett, you get a soup or salad, main course, soft drink and scoop of ice cream. And their fish and chips is the good stuff, they use sea bass and not frozen ‘dory’ which is actually some catfish fillet lots of other places use.
Popped by Far East Shopping Centre to pick up the Feed at Raffles membership we purchased and Gigi came over after lunch. Then we went to Membina after Sasha woke up from her nap as Gigi and Nat had a make-up Chinese class to attend. It started to pour as we dropped them off, so Nick, Wendy, Sasha and I had tea, wedges and chicken wings at Poteato.