January 29, 2012

Visiting Sunny Spring

Brought the girls to visit Nya-nya and company today, Nat refused to wear a matching outfit with Sasha and insisted on re-using her red cheongsam.

We all squeezed into Kevin’s car, Gigi wore a lovely yellow kaftan dress…she’s so into yellow!

Nya-nya tapau-ed biryani and prawn mee and mummy contributed some buah keluak. The twins are so big, it’s O-level year already! I still remember them as babies…

Nat and Gigi received new school bags from Aunty Nicole and Sasha got a new Hi-5 DVD. As we were leaving, I saw a very pretty chrysanthemum outside the clubhouse.

At night, we had our own lo-hei, today was Ren Ri, the 7th day of CNY which is ‘everybody’s birthday’. The girls get a kick out of messing up the assortment of veggies and love eating the crackers, we always have to put extra.

I can just eat ‘yu sheng’ as a main dish, without the ‘yu’ of course! No raw fish for me!

January 28, 2012

A ball of a time

Attended 2 birthday celebrations today, a bowling party at Seletar Country Club in the morning for Cameron and Amazonia in the evening for Ananya’s 3rd birthday.

Cameron’s birthday is actually on 9 Feb so this party was very early. Decided to just bring Nat to Cameron’s party so as not to tire Sasha too much before Ananya’s party and also use the opportunity to spend some one on one time with Nat.

Borrowed the car from Kevin the night before and we were late in getting to Seletar as I had to go to the market in the morning first and Ma dilly-dallied as usual.

We somehow got lost after entering the Seletar Camp area and it took another 20 minutes to find the place, plus it didn’t help that I had forgotten my phone…just one of those mornings!

We made it eventually. Nat was reluctant to bowl at first but she soon warmed up and got into it. She had a ball (pun intended) and it wasn’t too difficult feeding her because she was quite distracted.

By 1plus most people had left so we took our leave too. Nat fell asleep in the car but woke up when we reached home and didn’t sleep anymore.

I think she was too excited about going down the big slide at Amazonia which I was surprised she actually did several times on her own, even backwards and played independently with her cousins, she’s usually a scaredy cat.

The insecurity did kick in halfway though, she started crying on the slide after 30mins on her own. She was looking for someone to go down with her and thereafter she clung to me like her usual koala bear and didn’t let go of my hand the rest of the evening.

The coordinators there played some games with the kids, Nat won the prize in a treasure hunt for a red ball, blue ball and watch because I was the only parent accompanying the kids and could help her out.

There was a game they played though that made use of stacks of paper cups and it involved the kids stacking them on the floor to build a tower. However I was appalled when the staff placed the cups back next to the drinks dispenser! Grubby hands + cup rims on floor = dirty cups for kids to drink from!

Reagan has grown so much, eating independently and protesting loudly when Jeanette took her popsicle away momentarily to clean her hand. Sounded just like Sasha…Tiger babies are so fierce!

Speaking of Sasha, she had a ball of a time too (pun intended again!) jumping into the ball pit with gusto.

B is for...

...Booze (and burgers!).

Dragged the boy out for drinks with the gang last night since the kids slept relatively early. We ended up at No.5 again, and had us some martinis and he also ordered the mini burgers for himself.

It was a chilled out evening, it was just us, the dopes, Ajen and Vim, John, Felina and Mac, with surprise appearances by Sajini, Kaelash and Jeanette. The place was packed, it took a while to get a table.

Swana ordered a number of munchies and even though I was full from dinner, I still whacked some pizza and wings. Now that CNY is out of the way, time to start losing weight for Koh Samui!

January 24, 2012

CNY Day 2

Day 2 of CNY and we had nothing much planned except to visit Baba at his house…the annual visit.

Nick was unsure on whether to drive Pierre – the steering wheel was shuddering yesterday, only a few days after installing a replacement tyre so something about the wheels not being aligned. It was one of our last trips, Pierre has been traded in and come Friday onwards we’ll be car-less for a while. I'm going to miss Pierre, he is still in excellent condition and I hope he finds a good new home.

Baba had a lot of cookies on standby and was plying the girls with kueh bangkit and love letters. He also had a stash of Resorts World and MBS bottled waters, somebody’s been a frequent visitor!

We fed Sasha her lunch there and decided to drive to the airport for our own lunch. Was about to queue at the Crystal Jade at T3 when I noticed they had opened a Gurney Drive outlet, somewhere I have been meaning to try.

And since it looks like Penang is off because Nick will be travelling a fair bit in Feb and Mar for work, I had to satisfy my Penang hawker craving by this other mean.

I ordered a crayfish prawn mee, not too bad. Soup was sweet and flavourful but the crayfish was not fresh. Nick had the char kway teow, it had that wok hei taste but was on the oily side. Nat had a tang hoon fishball soup which she ate mostly on her own, good girl!

There was an Angry Bird photobooth in the departure hall and we took a family picture, check it out!

January 23, 2012

Enter the Dragon

Gong Xi Fa Cai! It’s officially the water Dragon year, huat ah!

Had a very low key reunion dinner last night with just Mildred and Amah - Ben and Wendy are away in Germany.

Gave the girls their token angpows before leaving the house for 110 to pick Gigi and Lita up. The dopes have gone on a romantic getaway to Cyberjaya so us and Ma have been taking turns minding Gigi and we brought her along to Amah’s house today.

I had all the angpows prepared and carried them around in my new gold Ferragamo clutch. Also used this occasion to start carrying the Chanel bag bought in Venice last year. Unfortunately I collected runs on my silk dress just from walking from home to 110…must have been the velcro on Sasha’s shoes because I was carrying her.

Nat was very shy once we reached Amah’s, crying when she saw the crowd but Gigi was unfazed. Some of his relatives whom we only meet once a year thought we had a 3rd child! Ha ha.

Cousin Kim who used to be a pre-school teacher entertained them and they seemed quite taken by her, she called herself Aunty Princess. She had some cool French-themed nails too, she did them herself.

Amah looked very happy to be surrounded by her family, not sure if she actually knew what was going on.

Looks like there’ll be a couple more bubs around next year, his cousin Jason is expecting a girl in April and another cousin Hannah is preggers with her second son, also due Apr. That one was a surprise because even some of the aunts and Mildred didn’t find out till today and they see Aunty Susan quite often.

We were one of the last to leave and after napping the afternoon away, we headed to 110 for dinner. Ma made bakwan kepiting, mmmm....

Baba and Aunty Irene had come over, so had Uncle Andrew and family. He has a new stall selling mee pok in Ang Mo Kio, have to check it out soon with my mee pok expert and see whether got standard or not!

January 21, 2012

A is for...

...Afternoon Tea.

Yup, our alphabet dates are back in 2012 and we've decided to go in sequence as much as possible. Had some $40 worth of Fullerton vouchers earned from my birthday dinner at Lighthouse last year and they were expiring soon and I was trying so hard to find an A to do there until the boy suggested Afternoon Tea at The Courtyard.

I made a reservation and was all dressed for cucumber sandwiches and scones but en route from the car park, we passed an advert that showed the high-tea buffet at Town. It had a much better spread and was cheaper to boot, at $32++ compared to the $42++ for the English tea set.

I knew he would have a much better time with the local fare so we decided to eat at Town instead. They had popiah, pie tee, rojak, prata, some dim sum, biryani, curry, chicken pie, mee siam, laksa, prawn mee, yong tau fu etc. They also had some scones and sandwiches so all was not lost.

The mee siam was pretty good, so was the laksa, prawn mee and scones. I think the price is reasonable considering it's a 5-star hotel and one can choose to sit by the river too. Think we have to bring the mums and kids one day.

January 20, 2012

Lo Hei season begins

It was the start of the long CNY weekend and after work today, we had a lo hei session. It gets earlier and earlier each year, I thought it's supposed to be from the 7th day onwards but everyone has already started.

Over the last few days, we've been getting the girls prepped for CNY, teaching them to offer oranges and say 'Gong Xi Fa Cai'. They've tried on the cheongsams my ex-colleague helped buy a while back, a little big for Nat but it will do. She's gone for the red.

Sasha is not to be left out, she's wearing Nat's cheongsam from 2 years ago, it's only been worn once so I still consider it new. Poor girl will always be getting hand-me-downs.

She peed in the potty yesterday for the first time but it seems to be a one off. She's always sitting on it with her clothes on and I should start soon before she loses interest. After Nat's birthday perhaps.