January 28, 2012

A ball of a time

Attended 2 birthday celebrations today, a bowling party at Seletar Country Club in the morning for Cameron and Amazonia in the evening for Ananya’s 3rd birthday.

Cameron’s birthday is actually on 9 Feb so this party was very early. Decided to just bring Nat to Cameron’s party so as not to tire Sasha too much before Ananya’s party and also use the opportunity to spend some one on one time with Nat.

Borrowed the car from Kevin the night before and we were late in getting to Seletar as I had to go to the market in the morning first and Ma dilly-dallied as usual.

We somehow got lost after entering the Seletar Camp area and it took another 20 minutes to find the place, plus it didn’t help that I had forgotten my phone…just one of those mornings!

We made it eventually. Nat was reluctant to bowl at first but she soon warmed up and got into it. She had a ball (pun intended) and it wasn’t too difficult feeding her because she was quite distracted.

By 1plus most people had left so we took our leave too. Nat fell asleep in the car but woke up when we reached home and didn’t sleep anymore.

I think she was too excited about going down the big slide at Amazonia which I was surprised she actually did several times on her own, even backwards and played independently with her cousins, she’s usually a scaredy cat.

The insecurity did kick in halfway though, she started crying on the slide after 30mins on her own. She was looking for someone to go down with her and thereafter she clung to me like her usual koala bear and didn’t let go of my hand the rest of the evening.

The coordinators there played some games with the kids, Nat won the prize in a treasure hunt for a red ball, blue ball and watch because I was the only parent accompanying the kids and could help her out.

There was a game they played though that made use of stacks of paper cups and it involved the kids stacking them on the floor to build a tower. However I was appalled when the staff placed the cups back next to the drinks dispenser! Grubby hands + cup rims on floor = dirty cups for kids to drink from!

Reagan has grown so much, eating independently and protesting loudly when Jeanette took her popsicle away momentarily to clean her hand. Sounded just like Sasha…Tiger babies are so fierce!

Speaking of Sasha, she had a ball of a time too (pun intended again!) jumping into the ball pit with gusto.

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