January 9, 2012

Beijing Day 2 (9 Jan 2012)

Super long day and there’s still some work to do to ensure everything is ready for tomorrow.

While waiting for Phil in the hotel lobby before we departed to the office, I had time see the sunrise, cam-whore and speak to Nick.

Phil accidentally gave the taxi driver the wrong address for our office at Oriental Plaza instead of the one we were supposed to go at Universal Business Park, and midway I had to somehow explain to the driver the change in location in my halting Mandarin and show him the other address we had.

On the way, I saw the unique CCTV headquarter building designed by Zaha Hadid, very cool.

When we reached the office, I could see snow up close, so exciting! Suaku right?

We spent the whole day in the office, and welcomed a new colleague to the marketing team named Sarah who will look after North Asia from now. What a start for her, she’ll be busy this week!

The new office is nice and big, they have a large pantry and even a ping pong table!

Lunch was Pizza Hut delivery and in the late afternoon we headed back to the hotel for a briefing with the CEO and our PR agency to run through the proceedings for tomorrow.

Then it was back to the office to ensure everything was in place, some deliveries were not in yet so Phil and I went to have dinner at a nearby Yoshinoya. We had a mini steamboat each, perfect on a cold winter’s night!

Ok, back to work...

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