January 11, 2012

Beijing Day 4 (11 Jan 2012)

A relatively straightforward day. We had a meeting at Microsoft this morning, the plan was to stop by the Oriental Plaza office first to offload banners then head out with Sarah but we got stuck in traffic.

Phil then decided to head to Microsoft direct which I conveyed to the driver, only for me to realise we had reached Oriental Plaza. So we managed to get the driver to wait while Sarah rushed down.

The meeting was brief, we discussed doing a joint event in a couple of months time, and then we headed back to Oriental Plaza to unload the banners before continuing on to a nearby mall for a late lunch.

How could I come all the way to Beijing and not eat Peking Duck? That was my meal request and Sarah had duly obliged by reserving a table at Da Dong, an award-winning Peking Duck restaurant which some argue is the best in Beijing.

They cooked their ducks right at the entrance and one could walk up and observe up close. We shared a few dishes, a pork dish that tasted kind of plummy, scallops and corn fried with salted egg yolk, a lily bud and cucumber appetiser, some veggies and of course, the requisite duck.

Food was good, service was slow though. But the duck was worth the wait. It was super crispy and expertly sliced by the chef. There was a burst of fat each time I bit into the skin.

There was a range of condiments to eat it with, along with the pancakes and buns. Fully satisfied, we went back to the office and when I took off my coat, the static attracted my skirt…was quite funny. I look like a matador here! There’s something about static in the cold, I kept getting zinged everytime I touched a door or alighted a cab.

Spent the afternoon and evening training Sarah on some of the programmes we use and orientating her with Misys. Finished work about 8plus and there were no cabs in sight so I showed Phil how to take the subway.

Dinner was spaghetti bolognaise from room service, it’s just too cold to venture out! Oh and the kind housekeeper left me a note saying she noticed my toothpaste was running out and gave me a complimentary tube of Colgate...very good service here! Naturally I will leave her a tip!

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