January 7, 2012

Bubbas at Botanics

We got up bright and early this morning for an outing to Botanics for a bubba playdate. Before everyone else arrived, we fed the fish and swans at Swan Lake.

Swana and Gigi arrived shortly after us, and instead of feeding the fish the bread we brought along, the girls nicely helped themselves to it. Meanwhile, I snapped away with my camera, love taking pictures of them when we’re outdoors.

Sarah and Felina got off at the wrong exit and took a while to make their way to us. Sarah rode on her scooter and had a fall just when they were reaching us. She gave Flea a fright by blacking out soon after, I think maybe too much blood rushed to her head but she was alright after a while.

Kavi came along next, with Ananya on her bike and Riley on her scooter. So all the girls had wheels and whizzed through the park for a short while.

We had lunch at the cafĂ© that took over the food court. It’s called Food for Thought, prices were reasonable, there was a good enough variety and best of all, there was a little playground outside.

After lunch, Nick played some table games with the girls which had them squealing in delight…you know the kind where everyone stacks their hands and tries to remove it before it gets snapped?

In the afternoon while the kids napped, I went on a shopping spree in preparation for Beijing. Swana drove me to Vivo where I bought ear muffs from M&S and a sweater dress from Warehouse and then we headed to Centrepoint because I decided to get the boots I tried at M&S Wheelock, but was looking for a bigger size, which thankfully they had.

Time to pack, am off bright and early tomorrow!

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