January 24, 2012

CNY Day 2

Day 2 of CNY and we had nothing much planned except to visit Baba at his house…the annual visit.

Nick was unsure on whether to drive Pierre – the steering wheel was shuddering yesterday, only a few days after installing a replacement tyre so something about the wheels not being aligned. It was one of our last trips, Pierre has been traded in and come Friday onwards we’ll be car-less for a while. I'm going to miss Pierre, he is still in excellent condition and I hope he finds a good new home.

Baba had a lot of cookies on standby and was plying the girls with kueh bangkit and love letters. He also had a stash of Resorts World and MBS bottled waters, somebody’s been a frequent visitor!

We fed Sasha her lunch there and decided to drive to the airport for our own lunch. Was about to queue at the Crystal Jade at T3 when I noticed they had opened a Gurney Drive outlet, somewhere I have been meaning to try.

And since it looks like Penang is off because Nick will be travelling a fair bit in Feb and Mar for work, I had to satisfy my Penang hawker craving by this other mean.

I ordered a crayfish prawn mee, not too bad. Soup was sweet and flavourful but the crayfish was not fresh. Nick had the char kway teow, it had that wok hei taste but was on the oily side. Nat had a tang hoon fishball soup which she ate mostly on her own, good girl!

There was an Angry Bird photobooth in the departure hall and we took a family picture, check it out!

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