January 23, 2012

Enter the Dragon

Gong Xi Fa Cai! It’s officially the water Dragon year, huat ah!

Had a very low key reunion dinner last night with just Mildred and Amah - Ben and Wendy are away in Germany.

Gave the girls their token angpows before leaving the house for 110 to pick Gigi and Lita up. The dopes have gone on a romantic getaway to Cyberjaya so us and Ma have been taking turns minding Gigi and we brought her along to Amah’s house today.

I had all the angpows prepared and carried them around in my new gold Ferragamo clutch. Also used this occasion to start carrying the Chanel bag bought in Venice last year. Unfortunately I collected runs on my silk dress just from walking from home to 110…must have been the velcro on Sasha’s shoes because I was carrying her.

Nat was very shy once we reached Amah’s, crying when she saw the crowd but Gigi was unfazed. Some of his relatives whom we only meet once a year thought we had a 3rd child! Ha ha.

Cousin Kim who used to be a pre-school teacher entertained them and they seemed quite taken by her, she called herself Aunty Princess. She had some cool French-themed nails too, she did them herself.

Amah looked very happy to be surrounded by her family, not sure if she actually knew what was going on.

Looks like there’ll be a couple more bubs around next year, his cousin Jason is expecting a girl in April and another cousin Hannah is preggers with her second son, also due Apr. That one was a surprise because even some of the aunts and Mildred didn’t find out till today and they see Aunty Susan quite often.

We were one of the last to leave and after napping the afternoon away, we headed to 110 for dinner. Ma made bakwan kepiting, mmmm....

Baba and Aunty Irene had come over, so had Uncle Andrew and family. He has a new stall selling mee pok in Ang Mo Kio, have to check it out soon with my mee pok expert and see whether got standard or not!

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