January 2, 2012

Happy birthday Mummies!

It’s 2nd January and that means my two mums celebrate their birthdays.

It was a combined celebration this year, we had lunch at Concorde Hotel, they had a mostly Asian spread but the price was reasonable and spread decent, and there’s a buy 3, 1 free promo with most credit cards.

The girls wore matching polo dresses courtesy of Ben and Wendy and Nat loved flouncing in her dress. Mummy said they looked like they were going to play tennis.

Gigi wore a maxi dress newly purchased from Malacca that Swana said she insisted on buying. LOL!

We were so full from lunch that we didn’t really eat dinner. Instead we brought the kids out for a stroll along Merlion Park. Sasha was scared of the Merlion and kept hiding but she would actually say, “I don’t scared”.

The parking was so expensive for just that half hour that we were there but we had fun and I think there will be more evening walkabouts to come.

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