January 21, 2012

A is for...

...Afternoon Tea.

Yup, our alphabet dates are back in 2012 and we've decided to go in sequence as much as possible. Had some $40 worth of Fullerton vouchers earned from my birthday dinner at Lighthouse last year and they were expiring soon and I was trying so hard to find an A to do there until the boy suggested Afternoon Tea at The Courtyard.

I made a reservation and was all dressed for cucumber sandwiches and scones but en route from the car park, we passed an advert that showed the high-tea buffet at Town. It had a much better spread and was cheaper to boot, at $32++ compared to the $42++ for the English tea set.

I knew he would have a much better time with the local fare so we decided to eat at Town instead. They had popiah, pie tee, rojak, prata, some dim sum, biryani, curry, chicken pie, mee siam, laksa, prawn mee, yong tau fu etc. They also had some scones and sandwiches so all was not lost.

The mee siam was pretty good, so was the laksa, prawn mee and scones. I think the price is reasonable considering it's a 5-star hotel and one can choose to sit by the river too. Think we have to bring the mums and kids one day.

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