January 1, 2012

New Year's Day

It’s the start of a new year and it being a Sunday we went for mass first.

Headed to Marche at Vivo for lunch, such a stressful affair because Sasha wouldn’t sit still, and I had to keep going from stall to stall to get what everyone wanted while Nick and Wendy minded/fed the kids, and I had to wait for food to be ready so I hardly got to enjoy my rosti in peace.

Coincidentally Wendy dressed Sasha in the exact same dress Nat wore for New Year’s Day last year. Nat had to wait till she was almost 3 to fit, while Sasha can wear the same dress at 21 months.

For dinner we headed to AMK, Uncle Alvin and co were in town because of a recent bereavement on his in-laws side so we all had dinner together.

I contributed a quiche so Mildred could finally try my pie. We had a little cake cutting thing for her since her family was around, but it was more for the kids to have fun blowing candles etc.

At 21 months, Sasha is really trying to assert her independence. She tries to dress herself but most times ends up with her shorts around her knees or she’ll walk around with her tee covering her face.

She likes to pretend to go on the potty, saying she needs to pee-pee and she’ll just sit there fully dressed. I ought to start training her soon.

She’s a regular parrot, repeating everything we say and when you ask her who’s the parrot, she’ll say ‘Sasha!’ Last month I asked her to say Gucci and Prada and she said ‘cookie’ and ‘prata’ instead…a real foodie this one. She never refuses food.

In the car, we are subject to the same songs over and over again because she’ll ask her daddy nicely for “I want ‘God Said It’ please daddy?” and you know he won’t refuse her.

There’s been some regression on the pacifier, she’s more attached to it than ever. Like a junkie but she's got a pretty pout. And she’s starting to have terrible two tantrums early, rolling/kneeling on the floor and stamping her feet with really loud crying when she doesn’t get her way.

Her bedtime is getting later and later, she sleeps less in the morning and can stay awake for longer periods so most days now she sleeps at 9.30pm.

Nat will be 4 next month and she’s got a tiny mole above her lip, hope it never grows to as big as mine, though it’s getting more and more obvious.

She and Gigi start school at YWCA this week, they seemed excited when we went down last week to show them around.

She can write her name very simply, just NAT but sometimes she’ll write ANT on purpose. Am trying to teach her simple word recognition and she can read ‘the’, ‘and’ and ‘to’. But they will do all this in nursery as well, so am not too concerned.

We are trying to get her and Gigi to feed themselves more, such a chore it is to them!

Her birthday is just around the corner and she’s getting excited She wanted a fairy theme and we settled on Abby Cadabby. Time to start planning!

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