January 3, 2012

Nursery calling

It was a big day for Nat and Gigi today, their first day attending nursery at YWCA.

Swana and I were both on leave to witness this milestone which served to remind us how fast the kids are growing.

Nat was all gung-ho in the morning as we got her bag ready and as she got dressed. Sasha wanted in on the action too.

I kept explaining to Nat how she was going to take the bus alone as Gigi had a different bus, but she did not seem bothered till we actually got downstairs. We waited for a while only to receive a call saying there was a mix up and there would be no pick up for Nat for that day and the driver asked if I could send her instead.

A check with Swana revealed she was still waiting for the bus and we headed towards Membina in the off chance that Nat could board Gigi’s bus, which she made in the nick of time.

Gigi was all excited and brave and already on board when we reached but when the bus assistant put Nat on board, she naturally cried but still allowed herself to be belted and before we knew it, they were off.

We tried to trail them but lost them at a junction and by the time we reached the school, they had already gone up to class. We couldn’t resist peeping but we did it at the wrong moment. They seemed calm as they were putting their things in their cubbyholes, but then they spotted us. Nat started crying and clinging on to me as if her life depended on it.

I spent the next 10 minutes in class with her trying to calm her down and excuse myself but she wouldn’t let me go. Gigi was a lot braver, she sniffled but she didn’t look for her mummy. Eventually I escaped and we hung around outside class for a few minutes till the girls settled down.

Lunch was bak kut teh nearby, followed by some dessert prata at Prata Paradise. Then Swana and I made our way back to the school to resume spying on the kids. We lurked behind pillars and fences during dismissal, observing Nat and Gigi from a distance.

They seemed fine, and as soon as they boarded their bus, we hopped into a cab to await their arrival at my block. They came back all excited about having attended their first day of school, t-shirts tucked out like real sam-sengs! They survived their first day, and so did we!

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