January 29, 2012

Visiting Sunny Spring

Brought the girls to visit Nya-nya and company today, Nat refused to wear a matching outfit with Sasha and insisted on re-using her red cheongsam.

We all squeezed into Kevin’s car, Gigi wore a lovely yellow kaftan dress…she’s so into yellow!

Nya-nya tapau-ed biryani and prawn mee and mummy contributed some buah keluak. The twins are so big, it’s O-level year already! I still remember them as babies…

Nat and Gigi received new school bags from Aunty Nicole and Sasha got a new Hi-5 DVD. As we were leaving, I saw a very pretty chrysanthemum outside the clubhouse.

At night, we had our own lo-hei, today was Ren Ri, the 7th day of CNY which is ‘everybody’s birthday’. The girls get a kick out of messing up the assortment of veggies and love eating the crackers, we always have to put extra.

I can just eat ‘yu sheng’ as a main dish, without the ‘yu’ of course! No raw fish for me!

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