February 27, 2012

Single Sunday

Was on leave today as per tradition to watch the Academy Awards ‘live’. Had to go over to Membina early in the morning as there was no telecast on the free-to-air channels, only on Fox Movies.

Bought Swana and I vegetarian bee hoon for breakfast, I didn’t know till recently Swana is BIG on vegetarian bee hoon! When I came home, Raybit was gone…Joanne had collected him while I was napping at Membina.

Yesterday was a fairly stressful day, with both maids off and the boys out working. Well I didn’t feel stressed but must have been because I developed a migraine in the evening! Had left the kids at Membina overnight and went round first thing in the morning, after picking some things at the market.

As soon as I dumped my things, we were out the door again to have breakfast at the Ridout McDonalds. ‘We’ referred to me, Swana, Ma and the 3 little girls. Nat and Gigi bickered over where to sit, Nat refused to eat her hotcakes, Sasha was grabbing food off Ma’s plate etc…aaarghh! They wanted to go to the playground after but we weren’t taking any chances with a HFMD outbreak and distracted them with the turtle pond.

After that we dropped by Swiss Butchery on Tanglin, I needed to get minced beef for bolognaise. The in-laws were coming over for dinner and so on top of minding the girls alone, I had to cook hence everyone came over to my place to help me out. But they weren’t of much help! After I put all 3 girls to nap, Swana went out to run errands while Ma slept too.

While my sauce simmered, I brewed a black chicken soup for Nick to give him strength after a gruelling 3 days at the NATAS fair. Pounded the chicken bones, and added some ginseng, dried longans, wolfberries and red dates into a crockpot...too easy! He appeared on the TV again today, for a few brief seconds during the evening news, asked about his sales at the fair. He’s had his 15 seconds of fame now!

Mummy and Swana left just after I fixed a choke in the guest loo and before my in-laws arrived. It wasn’t pretty, I had to manually remove Gigi’s poop before using my plunger. No wonder I had a migraine!

February 25, 2012

Chinese Saturdays

Man, I’m stuffed. Swana and I just treated ourselves to a seafood supper at Sin Hoi Sai. We shared a crispy noodle, salted egg squid and a black pepper crab. The bill was $120 for 2, but at least my crab craving is satisfied.

It’s been a long day, starting with a visit by Ben and Wendy early in the morning. Felt like we hadn’t seen them in ages, since Ben has been traveling intensively after starting a new job, and so has Nick.

They were heading to Orchard after our place so at the last minute I decided to hitch a ride with Nat, and left Sasha at 110. Me and Nat wandered around Isetan Scotts where she made me buy Levis hats for her and Gigi, they were on sale at $9.90.

We hooked up with Mummy, Lita and Gigi at Takashimaya where I was told at the Fendi boutique that my sunglasses were beyond repair. A few weeks ago, Sasha had twisted one arm off…never let your kids play with your designer sunglasses!

Popped into the Marc by Marc Jacobs boutique and fell in love with a new print in the Pretty Nylon collection. I am SO getting this...you know I'm a sucker for blue prints!

As we walked from Taka to 313, we came across some Visit Japan billboards and Nat and Gigi had fun sticking their faces in the cutouts. We also saw a Tamil movie or music video being filmed…don’t know if the people rehearsing their dance scene was anybody famous but there was a large crew.

Had lunch at the Food Republic at 313, even though it was Saturday, it was easy to find a seat. Swana met us at H&M after that, Nat and Gigi went wild in the children’s section trying on sunglasses and shoes. Nat spotted a princess costume she said she liked but I had to turn her down. Ended up with some dresses for Sasha, a fairy skirt for Nat and some hair clips.

The elder girls were supposed to start a Chinese class today but Nick changed his mind about Nat’s attendance a few days ago after learning there was a HFMD epidemic in Singapore and he wanted to minimise any exposure.

But Gigi was still going to go ahead and Nick eventually relented so we all tagged along. Nat was under the impression that it was only Gigi attending today so didn’t feel as scared as Gigi, who was at first reluctant to enter the class.

But we managed to persuade them to try it out, promising to stay with them and it turned out to be a good trial lesson, they had very personal attention as they were the only students! We don’t know yet what second language they will take in primary school so if they show proficiency for Chinese then good for them. Else we can still switch to Malay come Primary 1!

Our Saturday afternoons will now be spent at Yong Siak Street, it’s the new ‘in’ place with funky shops and hip cafes. Saw a boutique called Nana & Bird which had some nice though pricey pieces.

February 24, 2012

Happy birthday Lita!

It was Lita’s birthday today and we had a little cake cutting after dinner. Swana bought ice-cream cake from Island Creamery, cookies and cream…yum. It was just the ladies as Nick has the NATAS fair on, and Kevin’s in Korea.

Earlier in the day, Phyllis and I had lunch at Tanjong Pagar market. Noticed a new stall selling char kway teow and just had to try it. It’s called Katong (Peter) Fried Kway Teow. Loved it, the right kind of wetness in my opinion and that intoxicating wok hei flavour. One of the better char kway teows I've had in a while, I shall be back!

Last night, the mummies of the upcoming Koh Samui trip held a meeting at Vim’s place to discuss logistics and plan who brings what, over a bottle of wine.

Swana picked me up after the kids slept…before that Gigi, Nat and Sasha were in a musical mood and pretended to be a band!

I had an agenda prepared! We drew lots to decide who shares the 2 villas and the Lims will be sharing with the Amarendrans and Jays. I can’t wait for March 13!

February 20, 2012

Look Ma, my boy's on TV!

The boy was interviewed ‘live’ on Channel News Asia this morning ahead of the NATAS fair coming up, on the topic of trends in exotic destinations. He didn’t do too badly though I knew he was nervous, but the camera added some pounds and his pants were too short! LOL!

I had a pretty productive day in the kitchen yesterday, after doing the marketing in the morning. Swana came to pick me up from Tiong Bahru market when I was done and she and Gigi came over to meet Raybit.

I made cupcakes with Nat and Gigi, pasta for lunch and roasted a chicken for dinner. It was my first time roasting a whole chicken and I was pretty pleased with the result though the underside of my chicken didn’t get brown. Maybe I need to flip it over next time.

It was tasty though! All I did was rub with salt, black pepper, chopped rosemary, minced garlic and lemon juice. I put all of these into the cavity as well, together with chopped onions and the squeezed out lemon. Into the fridge it went for 2 hours, before rubbing down with butter and popping into the oven for 1hr 20 mins at 200°C.

The chicken was moist and juicy, and I could have gone on eating the skin. Nat wasn’t too impressed though, she likes deep fried battered meat! With a bit more practice, I think I might attempt a turkey come Christmas!

February 18, 2012


Nat requested to visit Underwater World when she woke up today and her wish was her daddy’s command!

Off we went to Sentosa with mummy in tow, taking in the turtles, jellyfish, stingrays and hundreds of fishies. I think this was only Sasha’s second visit but she didn’t seem so excited.

We made it just in time to catch the dolphin show but it turned out to be more a sea lion performance than the dolphins, who only made a few jumps here and there and waved with their flippers but 80% of the show was focused on the sea lions. Still, there’s just something about seeing dolphins that brings out the kid in me.

Just as we had finished our rounds and were pondering what to do for lunch, it started pouring cats and dogs. We decided to hop into a cab and head to Vivo but Nick got drenched while sheltering us into the cab with my puny umbrella - he had to buy a polo tee once at Vivo.

We tried the set lunches at White Dog Café, they were reasonably priced from $10.90. I got a soup, salad and grilled pork chop with a side of rice for that. Bumped into Jeannie who was out with her family, and unbeknownst to me at the time, Swana and Gigi were next door at the Soup Restaurant!

I had a Haagen Dazs voucher to use up and bought a scoop of Belgian Chocolate for us to share, plus a pint of Macadamia Nut for home…can’t wait to indulge with some late night TV!

Whilst we napped in the afternoon, Joanne’s brother Jason came to drop of Raybit, her pet Holland Lop rabbit. She’s off to Melbourne tonight with Ray and we are bunnysitting for a week.

The girls were pleasantly surprised to meet Raybit once they woke up from their naps and Nat was shy at first. But she soon warmed up and Sasha too, she keeps talking to the rabbit expecting a reply!

We popped out for mass followed by dinner at Raffles City food court. Sasha is getting demanding with her food, for the second time now she’s refused to eat her rice once she’s caught sight of Nat’s noodles so from here on, I am only bringing noodles in her thermos or we’ll just order her noodles when we eat out!

February 17, 2012

Windmills on my mind

The boy was away this whole week covering Mumbai, Bangalore and Manila in 5 days and even though they fed him on the return flight, he was hankering for some noodles. After Sasha slept, we walked to the corner coffeeshop and while he had some kway teow, I browsed through the Trafalgar brochure I had brought along.

Now that he had enough miles for me to redeem flights to Europe, we discussed travel dates and destination so that he can experience his own tours, and I think we have finally nailed it down. Whether there are still seats on the specific tour needs to be checked though, but if everything goes according to plan we should be seeing this in May!

There was a lovely sunset earlier today and I let Nat play with my camera, she took this nice one of Gigi...

February 15, 2012

A Valentine for Jane

A little cupid was born yesterday as Jane welcomed No.2 into the world. Rena, Germaine and I went to visit the yet unnamed baby at Thomson Medical during lunchtime and mother and baby are fine.

The little bugger had to come out via a scheduled C-sect as he was in a breech position, refused to turn all these weeks.

At first he was sleeping so we didn’t want to disturb him by carrying him, but then he fussed and had some spit up so I picked him up and burped him.

I can hardly remember what Nat and Sasha were like as newborns now and it was nice to have one in my arms once more, I miss the newborn phase! Don’t know if I will ever get the chance to do it all over again…sigh.

February 12, 2012

Weekend on the bay

Ended up going to the Marina Bay area twice this weekend, one of the nice things about living near the city is the proximity to places like this so even without the car, travel time is short.

Our original intention yesterday morning was to go Underwater World but Nick was starting to cough and he had a trip tonight so I decided I would bring Nat somewhere on my own. We thought of going to Orchard but ma called and since Gigi was bored while her parents gymmed, we decided to take the elder girls to MBS instead.

Nat and Gigi were thrilled to take the bus and insisted on sitting on the top deck. We took 196 to Lau Pa Sat before changing to 97. At MBS, we walked along the promenade and admired the water lilies below the Art & Science Museum before stopping for lunch at the expensive food court.

The girls shared a chicken rice, Gigi was motivated to feed herself with the promise of prata but unfortunately, the prata man was MIA so I rewarded her with cheng tng instead!

Swana came to pick us up but towards the end Nat was getting emo and refusing to walk. Mummy carried her and as usual dawdled along, making us late to meet Swana.

Attended sunset mass at St Joseph's before a harried meal at the Bugis Junction food court. Sasha was sleepy and restless, she hardly ate and almost fell asleep in the cab.

This morning I went to the market like a real housewife, even buying a black chicken for Mummy to make soup for Nick. He had to work all day at a travel fair plus a red-eye flight tonight so I think the black chicken soup will do him some good. Will start making it once a month.

I had time on my hands and made a green bean soup, and for dinner we ate the yong tau fu I bought from the market. Can you imagine how much the food court stalls are profiting? For $5.4o, I fed 3 people vs the minimum $4.20 for a bowl these days.

After dinner, the dopes came to pick us up for a walkabout at the Esplanade. While they ate at Thai Express, Nick, Nat, Sasha and I enjoyed a free outdoor concert by Indonesian band 29:11. They sang jazzy Indonesian love songs and the girls bopped along despite not understanding the language.

It was a really pleasant evening topped off with some mango sticky rice, I'm kind of enjoying not having the car!

Oh, and today the world found out Whitney Houston had passed away, cause of death not known yet but it might be drug-related or accidental drowning. The Grammys are just tomorrow so the music world is in shock. I was shocked myself when I found out the news after my afternoon nap. I was such a fan in primary school, had memorised 'Saving all my love' and used to listen to it over and over again along with her other songs. RIP Whitney.

February 10, 2012

Roadhouse chicks

So much for trying to lose weight after CNY, just binged at Roadhouse!

Met Susan, Joanne and Adri for dinner at Dempsey and we took ages deliberating on where to eat before settling on Roadhouse. Just as well, it was somewhere I've been meaning to try.

Took the bus down after walk and got down one stop too early and had to trudge my way up Dempsey Hill. Got there on time and snapped some pics on the swing at the neighbouring Hacienda.

We decided to share a few dishes, all were things I was eyeing i.e. chicken and sweetcorn quesadillas, bolognaise mac and cheese, ribs, crab cake, salted nut tart. Everything was pretty good, the crab cake a little disappointing...it was huge but still a bit fishy. The ribs were good, I would order that again. The nut tart was divine!

It was great catching up but because I had to rush home to the kids as Nick had to entertain, the girls followed me home for part 2. However Nick's dinner ended early and he was home when we got there, so he entertained the ladies while I put Sasha to sleep.

We were saying we'll do this on a regular basis, maybe bimonthly and try new places and cuisines. Can't wait for the next one!