February 9, 2012

Aquarian times

I thought August was a busy month for birthdays, but so is Feb!

Pops turned 69 yesterday and we had a low-key celebration at home, just immediate family and some satay, mee goreng and cake.

Jane’s birthday is tomorrow and we had an advance lunch celebration today at Lei Garden, Chijmes. Never been there before, it was alright but we all thought the dim sum at Royal China was much better.

She’s just about ready to pop, a little Cupid will arrive by next week. After lunch as I was walking through Raffles City, I heard a loud ‘Dear’…turns out I had walked past Nickypoo without even knowing it, but he recognised my dress from the back!

Nat has been pretty whiny all week, crying every morning when we leave for work. Mostly for her daddy but if he’s not around, she’ll cry for me. He doesn’t help the situation when he prolongs his goodbyes but from what I hear, she stops crying after we leave and she’s fine the rest of the day as she gets ready for school etc.

It’s mostly the mornings but she’s been rather quick to burst into tears at every little ‘no’ when she doesn’t get her way or has to give in to Sasha. I think some jealousy also at play...need to have a word with her and get to the root of it.

We’re trying to ascertain if anything happened in school lately but doesn’t seem to be the case, she missed all of last week.

Anyway, this morning we promised to bring her to Vivocity by bus to have some one on one time and she was all excited when I met her at the bus stop after work. Before Nick arrived, we shared a hor fun which she fed herself half before I had to intervene.

Then we walked on the skypark, and saw the sunset. She was her usual bubbly self but the moment we mentioned taking a cab home, she started whinging to take the bus so we caved. We did see the huge moon out tonight though, so big and round but it’s not obvious on my photo.

Methinks it’s just another phase of separation anxiety and she probably just misses us on weekdays but it’s something she’ll have to get used to. Mildred thinks she can’t cope at school and wants to hire a personal tutor! For nursery? No freaking way!

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