February 18, 2012


Nat requested to visit Underwater World when she woke up today and her wish was her daddy’s command!

Off we went to Sentosa with mummy in tow, taking in the turtles, jellyfish, stingrays and hundreds of fishies. I think this was only Sasha’s second visit but she didn’t seem so excited.

We made it just in time to catch the dolphin show but it turned out to be more a sea lion performance than the dolphins, who only made a few jumps here and there and waved with their flippers but 80% of the show was focused on the sea lions. Still, there’s just something about seeing dolphins that brings out the kid in me.

Just as we had finished our rounds and were pondering what to do for lunch, it started pouring cats and dogs. We decided to hop into a cab and head to Vivo but Nick got drenched while sheltering us into the cab with my puny umbrella - he had to buy a polo tee once at Vivo.

We tried the set lunches at White Dog Café, they were reasonably priced from $10.90. I got a soup, salad and grilled pork chop with a side of rice for that. Bumped into Jeannie who was out with her family, and unbeknownst to me at the time, Swana and Gigi were next door at the Soup Restaurant!

I had a Haagen Dazs voucher to use up and bought a scoop of Belgian Chocolate for us to share, plus a pint of Macadamia Nut for home…can’t wait to indulge with some late night TV!

Whilst we napped in the afternoon, Joanne’s brother Jason came to drop of Raybit, her pet Holland Lop rabbit. She’s off to Melbourne tonight with Ray and we are bunnysitting for a week.

The girls were pleasantly surprised to meet Raybit once they woke up from their naps and Nat was shy at first. But she soon warmed up and Sasha too, she keeps talking to the rabbit expecting a reply!

We popped out for mass followed by dinner at Raffles City food court. Sasha is getting demanding with her food, for the second time now she’s refused to eat her rice once she’s caught sight of Nat’s noodles so from here on, I am only bringing noodles in her thermos or we’ll just order her noodles when we eat out!

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