February 25, 2012

Chinese Saturdays

Man, I’m stuffed. Swana and I just treated ourselves to a seafood supper at Sin Hoi Sai. We shared a crispy noodle, salted egg squid and a black pepper crab. The bill was $120 for 2, but at least my crab craving is satisfied.

It’s been a long day, starting with a visit by Ben and Wendy early in the morning. Felt like we hadn’t seen them in ages, since Ben has been traveling intensively after starting a new job, and so has Nick.

They were heading to Orchard after our place so at the last minute I decided to hitch a ride with Nat, and left Sasha at 110. Me and Nat wandered around Isetan Scotts where she made me buy Levis hats for her and Gigi, they were on sale at $9.90.

We hooked up with Mummy, Lita and Gigi at Takashimaya where I was told at the Fendi boutique that my sunglasses were beyond repair. A few weeks ago, Sasha had twisted one arm off…never let your kids play with your designer sunglasses!

Popped into the Marc by Marc Jacobs boutique and fell in love with a new print in the Pretty Nylon collection. I am SO getting this...you know I'm a sucker for blue prints!

As we walked from Taka to 313, we came across some Visit Japan billboards and Nat and Gigi had fun sticking their faces in the cutouts. We also saw a Tamil movie or music video being filmed…don’t know if the people rehearsing their dance scene was anybody famous but there was a large crew.

Had lunch at the Food Republic at 313, even though it was Saturday, it was easy to find a seat. Swana met us at H&M after that, Nat and Gigi went wild in the children’s section trying on sunglasses and shoes. Nat spotted a princess costume she said she liked but I had to turn her down. Ended up with some dresses for Sasha, a fairy skirt for Nat and some hair clips.

The elder girls were supposed to start a Chinese class today but Nick changed his mind about Nat’s attendance a few days ago after learning there was a HFMD epidemic in Singapore and he wanted to minimise any exposure.

But Gigi was still going to go ahead and Nick eventually relented so we all tagged along. Nat was under the impression that it was only Gigi attending today so didn’t feel as scared as Gigi, who was at first reluctant to enter the class.

But we managed to persuade them to try it out, promising to stay with them and it turned out to be a good trial lesson, they had very personal attention as they were the only students! We don’t know yet what second language they will take in primary school so if they show proficiency for Chinese then good for them. Else we can still switch to Malay come Primary 1!

Our Saturday afternoons will now be spent at Yong Siak Street, it’s the new ‘in’ place with funky shops and hip cafes. Saw a boutique called Nana & Bird which had some nice though pricey pieces.

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