February 5, 2012

It's okay baby

Sasha just cracks me up. This morning before church, she pushed her favourite baby doll in one of the toy supermarket trolleys around the house. ‘Baby’ was all wrapped in a blanket too.

When she bumped against the platform, baby got flung out and Sasha went over and covered the doll with her body and cheekily said, “It’s okay baby” and ‘Be careful baby”. Like a little mum that one!

At church she couldn’t keep still and gave me her current favourite pose of tilting her head to the side and raising her elbow.

We walked to CHIJMES after mass and had lunch at Hog’s Breath. Me and Nick raised eyebrows at each other when our elf ordered steak and calamari as her main, which cost $12-16 more than either mine or Nick’s main.

Don’t mean to sound cheapo but even I don’t go for the most expensive dishes on the menu when someone else is buying but I think this was actually deliberate because she’s leaving soon and doesn’t care.

In the evening, Ben picked the girls up and met us at Centrepoint after the Istana do. We ended up having dinner at Teochew City restaurant and did a family lo hei before rounding off with dessert at Haagen Dazs. Mmmm, macadamia nut.

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