February 20, 2012

Look Ma, my boy's on TV!

The boy was interviewed ‘live’ on Channel News Asia this morning ahead of the NATAS fair coming up, on the topic of trends in exotic destinations. He didn’t do too badly though I knew he was nervous, but the camera added some pounds and his pants were too short! LOL!

I had a pretty productive day in the kitchen yesterday, after doing the marketing in the morning. Swana came to pick me up from Tiong Bahru market when I was done and she and Gigi came over to meet Raybit.

I made cupcakes with Nat and Gigi, pasta for lunch and roasted a chicken for dinner. It was my first time roasting a whole chicken and I was pretty pleased with the result though the underside of my chicken didn’t get brown. Maybe I need to flip it over next time.

It was tasty though! All I did was rub with salt, black pepper, chopped rosemary, minced garlic and lemon juice. I put all of these into the cavity as well, together with chopped onions and the squeezed out lemon. Into the fridge it went for 2 hours, before rubbing down with butter and popping into the oven for 1hr 20 mins at 200°C.

The chicken was moist and juicy, and I could have gone on eating the skin. Nat wasn’t too impressed though, she likes deep fried battered meat! With a bit more practice, I think I might attempt a turkey come Christmas!

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